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Happy Easter!

We went to spend Easter weekend at my parents’ house and the girls had a great time. They were up at 6:15 asking to go see if the Easter Bunny came…we managed to hold them off till 7, painfully. They were thrilled when they found their baskets…from the Easter Bunny and also purses with more […]

Painting Eggs

For a change of pace, we decided to paint Easter eggs this year rather than dye them. We used water color paints and pencils, trying to follow this method. You will see that our didn’t quite come out like hers, but they are pretty anyway. This method has the added benefit of being able to […]

Happy Easter

We had a great family day today. Started off early when the girls woke me up asking to see if the Easter Bunny had brought them anything. We tried not to over-do it this year, since they have so many toys already…so just a few things. They both seemed happy with their baskets.


Easter Eggs

We dyed Easter eggs last night. I accidentally bought the cheap-o kit and it only had 3 dye colors. They also didn’t even remotely cover the eggs when we dipped them in, so I had to add more vinegar, then food coloring to […]

Egg Hunting

After lunch, the kids hunted for eggs. Kathy & I set up separate areas for the little ones so that they didn’t get ran over, and they hunted first. Both Molly & Trevor were pretty methodical about their hunting. See an egg, pick it up, go get the next one. Till they’d either found […]