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Megan's First Day of First Grade

First Day of First Grade, originally uploaded by PA_Christie.

My baby started first grade this year! Megan is growing up so fast, and turning into a young lady before our eyes. After going half-days last year, she has been looking forward to going all day long for quite a while. Her teacher’s name is […]

Gone fishing!

We went to Aunt Lori and Uncle Ken’s house to celebrate Nana Caroccia’s birthday. While we were there, Megan had a chance to fish in the pond. Uncle Ken stocked the pond after he made it, so there are a lot of fish in there. And he goes out to the dock to feed them […]

Look Ma, no wings!

Megan took the plunge this weekend. She decided to give swimming without water wings a try. She took them of and held onto the edge, then said, “Hey Grandpa, watch this!” She was going to try to float, but we convinced her to try to swim instead. Once she realized she could she would […]

Tooth Pillow

Megan is on the verge of losing a tooth or two. For the past year, she has watched several friends lose their first (and later!) tooth and wish she was among them. Earlier this summer, we started to notice that her two bottom teeth were getting loose and now they seem to be on […]