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Peek a boo!

Just a fun picture of Molly from today. This is her favorite place to hide when the girls play hide & seek in our back yard. Note that there are only 2 places to hide there, and one involves climbing into the flowerbeds which isn’t really encouraged 🙂


Megan's Ladybug Dress

This is my latest creation for Megan…a very twirly strawberry & ladybug dress. I used a McCall’s pattern and made the bodice a size 5. When she tried it on, it was huge and didn’t look good at all. So I had to remake the bodice in a size 4. While I was […]

Fun Long Weekend!

We had such a fun weekend. Having three days off was great, and I wish we could do it more often. Saturday, we just kind of hung out together around the house. While the girls napped, I went to Joann’s and picked up a few things at the Memorial Day sale. I picked up a […]

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Scott was quite good to me this year for Mother’s Day! He got me a new lens for my camera – a 50mm F1.4. All of today’s photos were taken with it and I can see this one quickly becoming my favorite. It is so clear an sharp, even to look through the […]


Today the girls wore new dresses that I picked up for them yesterday at the outlet mall. They loved them, and they really liked having matching shoes, too! I love the dresses on them – I can see them getting a lot of wear – aren’t they cute?

In other news, I discovered today […]