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Sweet Molly

This is my favorite photo of Molly from our adventures this evening. It reminds me of how fast Molly is growing up into a young lady – she’s definitely not a baby anymore (even though she’s still teeny-tiny!) She wakes up happy and she goes to bed happy. Of course, she’s 3, so she […]

Monkey Molly

Molly and I had an opportunity to hang out one-on-one tonight while Megan was on a long bike ride with her Daddy. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. First we took her trike over to the school parking lot and she rode around for a bit. And then she rode around the block and back home. Our […]

Hula Karate?

Molly has also been getting in on the hula hoop action.


Ya! Ya! She doesn’t really hula, but she can keep it up a time or two around. And half the time she falls on the ground in a heap of laughter at the end. Or spins like crazy. She is such a […]

Mother's Day at the Park

In honor of Mother’s Day today, we took a picnic lunch to the park in New Cumberland. It was really windy, so our picnic was a little chilly and rushed. Afterwards, the girls went and played on the play ground a bit, mostly climbing and sliding. Even though the park wasn’t very crowded, it […]

Hula Girl

Megan helped out our neighbor, Julie, with cleaning up her yard a couple weeks ago. After she got bored with raking, she spotted the hula hoops Julie had from when her daughters were younger. Megan tried it out and was intrigued. Julie let her bring the blue one home and she’s been practicing ever […]