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Monkey Molly

Molly and I had an opportunity to hang out one-on-one tonight while Megan was on a long bike ride with her Daddy. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. First we took her trike over to the school parking lot and she rode around for a bit. And then she rode around the block and back home. Our neighbor Alexis tagged along – she’s a bit older than the girls, but she loves to play with them. And they both love her, too.

Then a little hopscotch on the teeny-tiny board that the girls had drawn earlier. Seriously, Molly’s feet barely fit into the squares.

And then some swinging. Very, very high swinging. This girl scares me with how high she goes…she can make the swingset rock all by herself. We really have to watch her!

And some climbing. She did get pretty far up, but not all the way.

This is just a sampling. More daring feats were performed after I put the camera down. I’m afraid to think what she does when I’m not standing right there. No wonder my hair is turning grey!
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