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Megan's Tree

This morning, dropping Megan off at school, she made me laugh. I was chatting with Mrs. Reese, complimenting her on the Christmas Program the night before. While Megan tried to decide where she wanted to play. Mrs. Reese told Megan that they were getting ready to watch a movie “Oh Christmas Tree”.

Megan piped in […]

Megan's School Christmas Program

Megan’s school Christmas program was tonight – it’s been a busy week! She picked out a special dress to wear and we curled her hair with the curling iron. She looked so pretty. I think she was getting nervous, because at the last minute she didn’t want to go. But we went, and she […]

Getting a Christmas Tree

We trekked out to the tree farm today to get a Christmas Tree. We had fun wandering all around looking for the perfect tree. We wanted a small-ish tree, so it wouldn’t take up so much space. There was one tree Scott and I liked, but Megan shot it down immediately. The reason? “There’s […]

Santa Lights

Megan brought home these really cool glasses that when you look at Christmas lights with them on, they make it look like lots of little Santas. Of course we had to try them out on the tree. And through the camera. Pretty cool. […]

Gingerbread House

The girls and I put together a gingerbread house from a kit tonight. They had a blast putting candy ALL over it. I didn’t have nearly as much fun trying to make the icing pretty but still enjoyed watching them decorate it. Molly kept sneaking pieces of candy into her mouth – Megan was […]