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Snow in November!

Yesterday Megan woke me up at 6:30 am to inform me that there was snow in the backyard. Except it was “Mommy, Mommy! There is SNOW in our BACKYARD! Come look!” Followed almost immediately by “Do I have to go to school today? I want to go play in the snow!” She did in […]

Mixed Tapes

Scott was cleaning out the basement the other day and he came across my box of “mixed tapes” in the basement. He was ready to throw them away, but I had to take a picture first. I kept a few “special” ones for old times’ sake, but most of them went out with […]


I took the girls Trick or Treating last night while Scott stayed home and handed out candy. For some reason, most of the towns around here don’t actually do Trick or Treating on Halloween night, and Friday nights are apparently definitely out. Regardless of what the calendar said, the girls and I had a […]