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Mama's got a brand new bag!

Ok, so it’s a dorky title. But I’m just so darn proud of myself. I had to show off my latest creation. I made this bag all by myself! I found an awesome tutorial online and ended up with this great bag. I wasn’t sure how well it would go on my first attempt, […]

Daddy's Three Girls

Scott was behind the camera on Easter so we don’t have a shot of him, but he did manage to capture some good photos of his three girls. I even like the one of me!


Egg Hunting

After lunch, the kids hunted for eggs. Kathy & I set up separate areas for the little ones so that they didn’t get ran over, and they hunted first. Both Molly & Trevor were pretty methodical about their hunting. See an egg, pick it up, go get the next one. Till they’d either found […]

Easter Morning

We spent the night Saturday at my parents’ house so the Easter Bunny had to find us in Mercersburg. The girls were up bright & early, but we managed to hold them off till 7 or so. Their baskets were hidden around the living room as were a few other goodies. They enjoyed the […]


They had this neat-o pre-shirred fabric at Joann’s and I thought it would be fun to make the girls sundresses out of it. With Molly’s, I decided to make the skirt tiered, so that it would be more twirly. I think hers came out adorable.

I had planned to do the same with Megan’s, […]