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Sprinkling the Girls

Since today was the second day with temperatures in the upper 80’s, the girls were begging to get the sprinkler out. They had a blast getting wet and were sad when it was time to turn it off. The neighbor kids came over and joined in the fun too!


We have tulips!

Last summer, our neighbors dug out about a hundred tulip bulbs before they rearranged their flower beds, and gave them to us because we had always admired them. In the fall, Megan and I put them all into the flower bed out front, and we’ve been waiting ever since. Earlier this spring, when the […]


I’m not quite sure how we should take this. I spotted this hand-written by Megan note on the fridge the other day. It just made me laugh. I wonder who she was mad at?



I thought the girls were too cute as they both sat there snuggled under the blankets with their books. Megan’s reading has improved by leaps and bounds this year. She checked this book (The Ugly Duckling) out of the library at the beginning of the year and was overwhelmed by the length and difficulty. […]

Look Ma, no Training Wheels!

Two summers ago, Scott took the training wheels of Megan’s bike at her request, and she did great. But then there was a school event that required her to ride around the school playground. For that, he put them back on, because her control wasn’t quite that good yet. Then last summer, she refused […]