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Naked Ladies!

I’m talking about flowers…pink ones. With no leaves on the stem. They are officially called amaryllis belladonna, which I suppose is fancy enough in its own right. But naked ladies is a much more fun name, don’t you think?

This is what they looked like early in the spring…I thought they were going to be […]

Spring is here!

Amidst the flurry of moving to a new house, I have lost track of my poor neglected blog. We’ve been here in the new house for about 2 months and it’s feeling like home. There are still boxes to unpack, but they’re things we don’t use often so we’re living without them for now. It’s […]

Pansies are my favorite

Just one shot of the pansies I transplanted into my flower beds earlier this spring from Nana’s house. She has had them in her flower beds ever since I can remember. They were always there when I was a little girl, playing in the shade on the side of her house in the summer time. […]

Molly’s Tomato Plant

Due to our lack of space, I decided to try the “Topsy Turvy” Tomato Planter this year for Molly’s Grape Tomato plant in order to free up more space for the Romas. Molly LOVES summer time when the tomatoes start to ripen. I think that while she’s playing outside during the day, she eats them […]

We have tulips!

Last summer, our neighbors dug out about a hundred tulip bulbs before they rearranged their flower beds, and gave them to us because we had always admired them. In the fall, Megan and I put them all into the flower bed out front, and we’ve been waiting ever since. Earlier this spring, when the […]