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Toothless Megan

Toothless Megan

About six months ago, the dentist had pulled Megan’s two front teeth because the baby teeth got wiggly but never came out.  The big teeth grew in and wedged the baby teeth into place, so we had to get them pulled by the dentist.  Shortly after that, her incisors started to wiggle, and we kept encouraging her to work at them to get them out before it happened again.  They were still there (probably 4 months later) when she had a dentist appointment on Tuesday of this week and the dentist found two small cavities – I think she got Scott’s teeth.  The dentist also said they would pull out these loose teeth next month when she goes back to get the cavities filled if they were still hanging around.

I guess that was all the motivation she needed.  The next morning, she woke us up to tell us that she had lost one of them.  This morning, the other one came out.  Since her two adult teeth were already in when the dentist had to pull the last two baby teeth, she has never really had a toothless grin as a big kid.  I think this is as close as we’re going to get.

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