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Sweet Dreams!

Since Starting Kindergarten, Megan has been really getting to be a better reader. She now reads to herself all the time and reads before bed every night. Often, she reads till she falls asleep, with the lights still on and her finger in the book. When I come up the stairs at bedtime and […]

Chocolate icing fun!

The girls helped made dessert for one evening’s dinner. They helped Patsy make cupcakes and then they decorated them. Megan confided in Patsy that she hoped there would be a little frosting left, so she could eat some….

A dream come true…chocolate frosting right out of the container!


A day at the Park

While in Arkansas, we had fabulous weather. We didn’t even need heavy coats the entire time we were there. We took advantage of the lovely weather and went to the park one day. The girls had a blast running, climbing, and just being outside.

Megan climbed all the way up the “rock” wall herself. […]

Fancy Hats

The girls had a blast visiting with at Scott’s parents’ house. Patsy has all sorts of fun things at her house that we don’t have at ours like a piano and the fancy old hats that she collects. The girls loved them and had to try them on. They were too cute not to take […]

Christmas Day

We really had a whirlwind on Christmas Day. We got up in the morning and opened gifts. We didn’t get a lot of photos because it got a little crazy. The girls had a blast opening presents!

Then while the girls played with their new toys, Scott and I got ready for our trip to […]