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Mother’s Day

I am so blessed – it has been a great day.  This morning, I slept in and when I wandered downstairs, I was greeted at the bottom of the stairs with lots of hugs and kisses and “Happy Mother’s Day”.  Scott made me a cup of coffee and there were fresh pastries from Panera waiting on the table.  Yum.  After we had a nice breakfast, the girls lined up with their handmade cards (two from each).  They were full of lots of sweet drawings and notes.  And love.

Mother's Day

Then Scott had the girls give me the “big gift”.  He’s been excited about it all week and I really didn’t have a clue what to expect, since I hadn’t asked for anything.  So along they came with this big, flat box.  I was so surprised when I found floor mats for my Miata inside.  The right color and size and everything.  And they even say Miata on them.  Scott says they were hard to track down.  I didn’t even realize I needed them, but they will help keep my “snazzy new sports car” cleaner (new being used loosely, since I’ve now had it for 6 months!)

We had a nice relaxing day, just kind of puttering around the house.  The girls picked me a bouquet of flowers from the spirea bush in our back yard. Did a little gardening while Scott vacuumed out my car and installed my floor mats.  I potted a few plants from my mom and then picked most of the lily of the valley that popped up in the ground cover around the edge of the yard, in order to rescue them from being trampled by the horses kiddos.  I have been enjoying little wafts of their scent all afternoon.

Lily of the Valley Bouquet

Our day was finished off by a fantastic dinner of roast beef, carrots mashed potatoes and rolls, then a bit later, a walk to the neighborhood Friendly’s restaurant for ice cream cones.  Followed it up with a chat on the phone with my mom.  It was a great day with the perfect combination of relaxation and family time.  I am so, so blessed to have a wonderful husband and two special girls who call me mom.

Mother's Day Mother's Day

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