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Painting Eggs

For a change of pace, we decided to paint Easter eggs this year rather than dye them. We used water color paints and pencils, trying to follow this method. You will see that our didn’t quite come out like hers, but they are pretty anyway. This method has the added benefit of being able to […]

Fall Fun Crafty Day!

The girls were in need of some craftiness, so after getting them to help me clean up the craft cabinet, we did some fun fall projects!

The first project was Megan’s idea entirely – she described it to me while we were sorting through art supplies. We traced everyone’s hands onto fall-colored construction paper and […]

Tooth Pillow

Megan is on the verge of losing a tooth or two. For the past year, she has watched several friends lose their first (and later!) tooth and wish she was among them. Earlier this summer, we started to notice that her two bottom teeth were getting loose and now they seem to be on […]

Megan the artist

So, I come out from putting Molly to bed and I see Megan sitting in the chair where I had been sitting to work on a scrapbook page in Molly’s baby album. She has a red marker in hand and is haunched over the page. My gut reaction was to say “Megan, stop!” She hopped […]