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Patchwork Notebook Cover

Look, I sewed! I received an assortment of charm squares about a year ago from a swap in a fabric group I belong to. They’ve been sitting on my shelf waiting to be used. When I found the patchy notebook cover pattern in my new 2011 Sewing Calendar, I knew they had found a […]


Megan has been pestering me to let her sew something, but I’m not quite ready to sit down at the sewing machine with her, so we decided to try embroidery instead. I dug out a hoop, some needles, and lots of embroidery floss. She decided to make a pumpkin, so we sketched it out on […]

Olivia the Pig Birthday Dress

I made a special birthday dress for the birthday girl. I used the Feliz party dress pattern, which means happy in Spanish. It certainly is a happy dress. It was also a lot of work, but it came together really nicely thanks to a wonderful, step by step sew-along on the Trillium Designs blog.

On […]

Trick or Treat

Here in crazy Central PA, they don’t trick or treat on Halloween night. Ever. They do it on the Thursday before Halloween. Which this year fell on…you guessed it…Molly’s birthday! What a day this girl had.

A practice run at our house 🙂

I made Megan’s princess/fairy costume – she helped pick out […]

Tooth Pillow

Megan is on the verge of losing a tooth or two. For the past year, she has watched several friends lose their first (and later!) tooth and wish she was among them. Earlier this summer, we started to notice that her two bottom teeth were getting loose and now they seem to be on […]