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Spring is here!

Amidst the flurry of moving to a new house, I have lost track of my poor neglected blog.  We’ve been here in the new house for about 2 months and it’s feeling like home.  There are still boxes to unpack, but they’re things we don’t use often so we’re living without them for now.  It’s kind of nice to not have so much stuff…much of it will likely be donated to Salvation Army or someplace similar rather than finding places on our shelves.  We unpacked our books this weekend and sent about 4 small boxes of them to the library for their annual book sale. We’d like to continue that trend with all the boxes we unpack!

2011-03-12 14.24.29_Camp Hill_Pennsylvania_US

Our new house sports a lovely flower bed in the front full of all sorts of shrubs and with daffodils lining the front of it.  We have a nice-sized hydrangea that is covered in buds..  I can’t wait to see them when they are all in bloom.  All this green sprouting up in the otherwise dul brown landscape really makes me happy that spring

2011-03-12 14.21.57_Camp Hill_Pennsylvania_US 2011-03-12 14.24.00_Camp Hill_Pennsylvania_US 2011-03-12 14.22.29_Camp Hill_Pennsylvania_US

The back yard is full of more goodies.  We have more daffodils, as well as several other bulb type plants that we have not yet identified.  We think several might be lilies and/or irises of various sorts.  Then there is a forsythia bush whose buds are getting ready to burst open. Good thing, because it hasn’t been trimmed in a few years and it’s kind of growing into the driveway.  I told Scott he can trim it back as soon as we’re done enjoying the flowers 🙂

IMGP8379 IMGP8374 IMGP8365

IMGP8375 IMGP8370 IMGP8381

The last photo above seems like it was once a kitchen garden of sorts.  There is a boxwood in the center (that fell over and is likely to be relocated altogether).  To the left there is a HUGE rosemary plant that is mostly dried out.  I trimmed off the dead stuff and left the green parts.  The plant to the right of it seems to be another herb – I think it’s maybe thyme?  Either that or lamb’s ears – the leaves are very soft.  I’m planning on cleaning out the rest of the sections and planting a few tomatoes and other assorted veggies and herbs in them.


Molly helped with the survey of the plants.  She is excited to see everything bloom, too.  I have a feeling this spring is going to be very fun, watching what sort of flowers come out on all these plants.

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