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Happy Easter!

We went to spend Easter weekend at my parents’ house and the girls had a great time.  They were up at 6:15 asking to go see if the Easter Bunny came…we managed to hold them off till 7, painfully.  They were thrilled when they found their baskets…from the Easter Bunny and also purses with more goodies that my mom picked out.  They were thrilled to find new earrings in their baskets, along with new umbrellas.

Easter Morning Easter Morning

Easter Morning Easter Morning

Once all the goodies were thoroughly inspected, they collected eggs.  After Megan took a fast “lead” I encouraged her to leave some easy ones for Molly.  She did a good job of helping Molly find the eggs and making sure she didn’t get done too far ahead of Molly.

Easter Morning Easter Morning

The weather forecast had been calling for rain all day long, so we expected to be spending the day inside.  By around 11, we decided it was warm enough outside, and we were going to take advantage before the rain started.  The girls were happy to pose for some photos in their dresses.  I can’t believe how big they are getting…

Easter Dresses Easter Dresses

They played with the remote control monster truck a bit…that’s what every girl does on Easter when she’s all dressed up, right?

Remote control car

And they broke in their new umbrellas a bit, insisting that they were perfect for parasols as well.  That was all ok until a gust of wind turned Megan’s inside out.  We decided to put them away after that so they would actually have a chance to use them IN the rain sometime!


The girls were excited to try on their new earrings and were glad to show them off for a photo 🙂

Showing of their new earrings. Showing of their new earrings.

Topped off by a yummy meal and a chance to visit with my mom, we really had a good weekend.  We did miss my Dad, though – he is in Hawaii with Philip & the boys right now while Kathy is at training for work.

Easter Morning

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