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Megan turned 7 yesterday. For some reason, 7 seems so much older than 6 to me. It just hit me that it’s only a few years till the “double digits” and that she’s more than halfway to being a teenager. She seems so grown up these days. And so tall!

We started the day at 6:30 am when Megan burst into our room announcing very loudly “It’s my birthday!” It took us about an hour to get over being disoriented and wake up enough to go downstairs so to watch her open her gifts. We gave her a waterproof camera that she’s planning to take to Hawaii with her in a few weeks when she goes with my parents. She also got a LeapFrog Didj, a Bakugan tin, and a few other items.

We planned to have her party at Olivia’s Tea Room in Camp Hill. Of course, a tea party requires a fancy dress. I made Megan a “Feliz” dress like I had made for Molly for her birthday. Megan chose this fairy fabric for her dress, and I made the under-layer with a red corduroy I had in my stash.

Megan invited a few friends and her cousin Angelita to her party. The girls really enjoyed looking around all the rooms of the house filled with doll clothes and accessories. Then we sat down to a “brunch” meal of pancakes, sausage, waffles and french toast. After the meal, the girls made beaded bracelets and then Megan opened her presents from her guests. She was very gracious, remembering to thank each girl (or Nana and Grandpa) for their gifts.

And of course, there was cake and ice cream! The tea house ordered a cake for us from the Pennsylvania Bakery in Camp Hill. They put a fancy tea set on top that Megan got to bring home. The girls also got to help decorate ice cream sundaes to eat with their cake.

I forgot to put together party gift bags for Megan’s guests, so Scott suggested that we let the girls each choose an American Girl book from the shop to take home as a party favor. When I told them that we were going to do that, they were all so excited. I was thrilled to see the girls so excited about picking out a new book to read. Maybe we’ll do something like that from now on – I’m sure they (and their moms) will appreciate the books much longer than any little toys from the dollar store!

After the party, my Mom and Dad came over to visit for a bit. Megan enjoyed having them here, along with having a little extra time with her cousin Angelita, who had rode up with my parents. We had a nice day, visiting with family and friends. I can’t believe my girl is 7 already. She is growing up so fast!

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