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Do you remember…

Lately, whenever Molly wants to ask for something, it starts with “Do you remember…” She’s trying to be coy about asking for whatever it is that she wants. “Daddy, do you remember those M&M’s up in the cupboard?” “Momma, do you remember that popcorn popper that we have?” (Click here for more.) And she puts her hand on your arm. Or your shoulder…whatever she can reach. It’s very amusing…and effective most of the time.

Momma…I never really expected one of my kids to call me that. I always envisioned being “Mommy”. But Molly has perfected calling me “Momma” in a way that melts my heart and sounds so sweet.

She can lay on the charm like nobody’s business. And she knows it. It doesn’t always work for her, but she certainly can be very persuasive. Every 2 minutes. Till she gets what she wants. Or a time out. I guess that’s how “4” is…figuring out how far you can push before you hit the wall. She’s certainly testing us out.

This little girl is such a sweet heart, too. She gives hugs, and kisses, and more hugs. She’s so petite that I can still (almost) easily pick her up, at the age of 4. She still easily fits on my lap, and crawls up in it on a regular basis. I’m glad – I’ll be sad when she’s too big for that.

As I often tell her, she’s my baby girl, and always will be. No matter how big she gets.

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