Night riding

A few years ago I started my grown-up cycling career.  We had just lost one of the cars to a 3-inch thick sheet of ice and I needed some simple transportation until we found a replacement.  The $2 yard sale bike quickly turned into an obsession, including trailers for the kids, a few more bikes of my own and membership in the local cycling club.  We didn’t get another car for almost 4 years.

Aside from daily errands, I began to put on miles for the heck of it.  It was fun, after all, and I took every opportunity to throw a leg over and go for a ride.  As my first cycling summer came to a close the daylight became scarce.  Feeding, bathing and putting the kids to bed usually ate up all of it.  I needed lights if I was going to continue my recreational riding.

Over the next few years I experimented with cheap battery lights, better battery lights and dynamo lighting.  I’ll attempt to chronicle and review them here on the blog.  As I do, I’ll post links to those entries on this page to make them easy to find.

The Spanninga sidewall dynamo – a review of my first dynamo system.

The Planet Bike Superflash mounting hardware.

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