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One bike to rule them all…

…and in the something something.  I can’t think of anything catchy. Over at Singularity there’s a little challenge to do some thinking and come up with one bike that would fit every possible need.  A mental exercise in minimalism without … Continue reading

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Here we are at the end of a year, staring down the long, black barrel of another.  I hope 2012 didn’t take your feet out from under you too often. The wife-type and I purchased (mortgaged to the hilt) a … Continue reading

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How far?

Yesterday, Christie and one of the troop’s co-leaders asked me if I’d go camping with the Girl Scouts this Spring.  There’s a wall tent with cots for the Dads to share, so I wouldn’t need to bring a tent.  “Cool,” … Continue reading

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Karate Monkey

The little one is the real Karate Monkey.  Somebody tell Surly.

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The Pedal Pusher has been my LBS of choice for almost 2 years.  I haven’t kept track of the exact figures, but its probably safe to say that I could have bought a new bike or two by now if … Continue reading

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You wanna know what I hate?  I’ll tell you anyway.  I hate it when there are two bags of bread and someone ties them both together with the same twisty.  It would be rude to point fingers, so I won’t.  … Continue reading

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Christie thinks I’m cynical. I think I’m realistic. So just to settle this once and for all, I took the test. You Are 76% Cynical You’re a full blown cynic… and probably even skeptical of these results. You have your … Continue reading

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Killing Trees for Baby Jesus

This morning we took our annual pilgrimage to the Christmas tree farm, so we could pretend we were walking in the neatly planted rows of the forest. We just happened to see several trees that were suitable. The first, which … Continue reading

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Today’s IM with Christie

Christie: i got my mystery package from ups. it is a flashlight/radio from redhat. sdloveless: ah. nice. does it run linux?

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Two more idiots

Christie relates her very own idiot cyclist story this morning, via googletalk: (08:24:33 AM) Christie Loveless: i have a new idiot cyclist story for you. (08:31:09 AM) Scott Loveless: ok. (08:31:41 AM) Christie Loveless: you know the intersection of 3rd … Continue reading

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