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One bike to rule them all…

…and in the something something.  I can’t think of anything catchy. Over at Singularity there’s a little challenge to do some thinking and come up with one bike that would fit every possible need.  A mental exercise in minimalism without … Continue reading

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Rausch Gap S24O

It looks like His Boniusness beat me to the punch and actually wrote up a ride report in a timely fashion. You can read it here. Anyway, mine’s mostly a photo dump with a few comments. Bone and I decided … Continue reading

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Spring cleaning

A few things have happened since the last installment.  We bought a house, moved our stuff, cleaned the old place, and tried really hard to not pull all our hair out. Bicycle miles for March are pretty close to zero. … Continue reading

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A few notes about my S24O kit

For those of you who still don’t know, S24O means “sub-24-hour overnight”.  It’s bike camping.  Dig out your old hiking gear, lash it to your bike, ride a couple hours, camp, come home.  Do it in less than 24 hours.  … Continue reading

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Expedition to Running Gap

Whereupon we climbed high mountains, exhausted our daylight, froze nearly to death, lost our maps, and rescued a fair maiden I hereby offer my testimony of our harrowing expedition.  The account is truthful to the best of my abilities.  My … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions – 2011

It’s about time for me to discuss all the crap I’m going to half-ass and then quit over the next 12 months.  Let’s start with the easy stuff. My first resolution is the same as everyone else’s.  Be 20 years … Continue reading

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Codorus S24O

On May 22nd, Doc, Bone and I arrived in York, PA at the north end of the Heritage Rail Trail.  What transpired over the next 24 hours will, no doubt, be remembered by many, far and wide, as one of … Continue reading

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Ride report: Gifford Pinchot S24O

Last month we planned the Gifford Pinchot S24O.  Yesterday we started it.  Today we finished it in just under 24 hours. The Engineer, Bone and I set out from New Cumberland on a ride that can be described quite accurately … Continue reading

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Gifford Pinchot S24O

That’s Giff-ord Pin-chot Ess-two Four-oh.  Clap along.  It’s fun. We’ll be at Gifford Pinchot State Park the afternoon of April 10th at site 116.  So far it’s Bone, Doc and yers truly.  The Engineer and MissBreeGoLightly have expressed some interest, … Continue reading

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