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Here we are at the end of a year, staring down the long, black barrel of another.  I hope 2012 didn’t take your feet out from under you too often. The wife-type and I purchased (mortgaged to the hilt) a … Continue reading

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Conversations with Molly

I thought I’d share a transcript of today’s conversations with the little one. “Daddy?  Do you remember those M&M’s?” “No.” “Daddy, they’re in the yellow bag up there.”  She points to the cupboard. “Oh.  Yeah, I remember those.” “Can I … Continue reading

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Karate Monkey

The little one is the real Karate Monkey.  Somebody tell Surly.

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Who’s your Daddy?

Today I rode up 9th and Allen to the top of the hill where it intersects with 7th.  But today’s death ride was accompanied by Molly, who is three, and the trailer she rides in.  That’s right, folks.  I pulled … Continue reading

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Killing Trees for Baby Jesus

This morning we took our annual pilgrimage to the Christmas tree farm, so we could pretend we were walking in the neatly planted rows of the forest. We just happened to see several trees that were suitable. The first, which … Continue reading

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Yet another Continental update

SUV’d my way over to the LBS yesterday with both of my girls. Kept a tight grip on the Molly and told the Megan not to touch anything. They were surprisingly good, only picking up a few pink and purple … Continue reading

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Three days per week Megan goes to pre-school. So today, as we’re getting ready to roll, Molly walks up to me holding the bag of marshmallows I picked up last night. “Cookie” she says. “No, Molly. Those are for s’mores … Continue reading

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Sabby Hager update

We listened to some Sammy Hagar yesterday. Megan didn’t explode and Molly danced. All is good in the world.

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