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Core dump

This is one of those multi-topic, Spring cleaning posts.  It’s a bunch of random clutter I need to sweep out.  You’re the dust pan. April was #30daysofbiking.  I finished the month with at least one ride daily and 206 miles.  … Continue reading

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Dirt Drop Dead Pricey

I drive finish nails with a sledge hammer.  How so?  I’ll explain. Not too terribly long ago I stumbled across a 58cm Bridgestone MB-2 from way back in 1987.  1987 was when the Internet consisted mainly of real content, unlike … Continue reading

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Enablement and tripification

The Long Haul Trucker is on Layaway.  The Pedal Pusher had a green ’08 in my size, so I got that one.  For those of you shopping for a complete LHT, the 2008 models have Sugino cranks and decent handlebars.  … Continue reading

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The Pedal Pusher has been my LBS of choice for almost 2 years.  I haven’t kept track of the exact figures, but its probably safe to say that I could have bought a new bike or two by now if … Continue reading

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Helmets, thieves and blinkies

This is another of my core dump posts. It’s also a rant. I haven’t posted anything substantial in a while (ever) and have had a few thoughts rattling around in that cavity up top. So here goes. I hate helmets. … Continue reading

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Yet another Continental update

SUV’d my way over to the LBS yesterday with both of my girls. Kept a tight grip on the Molly and told the Megan not to touch anything. They were surprisingly good, only picking up a few pink and purple … Continue reading

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The Pedal Pusher (or, bike shops that don’t suck)

Tuesday night I drove over to the Pedal Pusher to pick up a rear rack for the bike. After talking to a super nice guy named Jim about my needs, bike, etc., we decided on a beefy 40lb rack. After … Continue reading

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Zefal hpr update

Yesterday I spent a few words griping about a frame pump (Zefal hpr Graph) that failed prematurely. After the bike shop greased the pump it seemed to be working. They made it clear that without a receipt they wouldn’t refund … Continue reading

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A week or so ago I made the trip over to the LBS (local bike shop) to have them look at a frame pump that failed prematurely. The pump was only about two months old and had only been used … Continue reading

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