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Here we are at the end of a year, staring down the long, black barrel of another.  I hope 2012 didn’t take your feet out from under you too often. The wife-type and I purchased (mortgaged to the hilt) a … Continue reading

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July 28, 2012.  I swung a leg over the Silver Bullet and shoved off toward Mercersburg.  This was, I hoped, not to be a repeat of my first attempt several years ago, which ended 25 miles early at a McDonald’s, … Continue reading

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Utlilitaire 12, Week 3, Controle 5

We’re down to the last 2 days for week 3 of Utilitaire 12 and I hadn’t done any riding at all. Deciding to have Neato Burrito for dinner was easy. I’m always up for burritos. Riding there is kind of … Continue reading

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Arkansas Gravel!

Well, I’ve been in Arkansas for 3 days and just got around to going for a ride.  It’s hot and I, being a first class nincompoop, waited until mid-afternoon to get started, so I kept it short.  About 7 miles. … Continue reading

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30 years

In 1981 Micro-Soft introduced MS-DOS, their Disk Operating System or some such. With it a computer user could boot a PC or clone with an 8086 or 8088 microprocessor. Three of the (probably) most used commands that any kid who … Continue reading

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