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How many bikes?

Sometimes, the wife asks me a silly question.  “How many bikes do you have now?”  This is not a question of curiosity.  It’s a mixture of mild contempt and disbelief.  If you’re married and you have bikes, or cameras, or … Continue reading

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Core dump

This is one of those multi-topic, Spring cleaning posts.  It’s a bunch of random clutter I need to sweep out.  You’re the dust pan. April was #30daysofbiking.  I finished the month with at least one ride daily and 206 miles.  … Continue reading

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Utlilitaire 12, Week 3, Controle 5

We’re down to the last 2 days for week 3 of Utilitaire 12 and I hadn’t done any riding at all. Deciding to have Neato Burrito for dinner was easy. I’m always up for burritos. Riding there is kind of … Continue reading

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A few notes about my S24O kit

For those of you who still don’t know, S24O means “sub-24-hour overnight”.  It’s bike camping.  Dig out your old hiking gear, lash it to your bike, ride a couple hours, camp, come home.  Do it in less than 24 hours.  … Continue reading

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The MB-2, reborn

I’m channeling Grant Petersen and Charlie Cunningham at the same time.  On the same bike. Not long ago I found a 1987 Bridgestone MB-2, 58cm (just my size!).  It was in a pile of other cast-off bicycle frames, undoubtedly put … Continue reading

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In the bag

Grant Petersen over at Rivendell Bicycle Works has a lot to say.  If you’ve never heard of GP or Rivendell or the iBOB mail list you’d do yourself a great disservice to continue on in ignorance.  I don’t always agree … Continue reading

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