Coffeeneuring, Controle 1

Hello again, party people!  It’s been a while and there’s a lot I need to follow up on, like my month of Google-free-ness and the One Bike experiment.  But right now, it’s coffeeneuring time!  Head on over to Chasing Mailboxes to get the scoop.

The family and I rode down to the Conodoguinet and made coffee on a picnic table, taking advantage of the Coffee Shop Without Walls option.   Whenever I go on an S24O, I either bring along my trusty Esbit stove or my homemade Pepsi can alcohol burner.  Since I couldn’t find the Esbit, the alcohol stove got the nod.  I had just enough fuel to heat the water.  I poured it over Caribou Mahogany and drank it black.  Christie brought a vacuum flask full of ice and cream for hers.

Everything packs neatly into the pot.  The fuel flask has Mr. Yuck stickers on both sides, just so the lushes don’t get confused.

Pour-over coffee makes for easy clean-up.  No wasting water rinsing out a press.

Four bikes, coffee, and a water bottle wind screen.

The girls took a moment to get their feet wet in the Conodoguinet.

And then we headed home, back up the path toward civilization.

And that completes our first Coffeeneuring ride of the season.


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3 Responses to Coffeeneuring, Controle 1

  1. Melissa says:

    “There are no achievements on this ride.” Oh, Strava just can’t think outside the box sometimes!

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  3. Tim says:

    Well this is just downright cute. And I mean that in every positive way, non-snark.