Here we are at the end of a year, staring down the long, black barrel of another.  I hope 2012 didn’t take your feet out from under you too often.

The wife-type and I purchased (mortgaged to the hilt) a house last February.  That was stressful, but it happened more or less uneventfully.  We live on a dead-end street with, ahem, interesting neighbors.  Two of them are fairly sane.  One is bat poop crazy.  One has barking dogs.  They bark.  And bark and bark bark bark bark bark bark.  They really bark at the bike.  If I’m on a bike with a bell I try to start ringing it before I turn the corner.  That really gets them wound up.

Bike miles.  I put more miles on the bikes in 2012 than the previous two years combined.  My counting method varied from the GPS on the phone, to the DeLorme, to one of those computers that counts wheel revolutions, to don’t-give-a-fuck-let’s-just-ride.  In other words, I’m not entirely sure how far I went, but I’d guess it’s north of 1,500 miles.  July saw 540-something miles, including my first ever metric century.

Today is Christmas.  Christie gave me a Garmin Edge 200.  I’m going to track every last 2013 mile on it so that I can give the curious masses an accurate number a year from now.

Speaking of 2013, resolutions.

More S24O.  I think I did 3 during 2012.  This year the overnights will be themed.  Feel free to ride along.  Bring a tent; mine is too small to share.

  1. S24O on every bike I own at least once.  Right now I have the MB-2, High Plains, Collegiate, Pacer, 550 and I think something else maybe.  That’s at least 6 overnights.
  2. One should be a bikepacking adventure.  Gravel, single track, no racks, strap the crap right to the frame.
  3. Return to Pine Grove Furnace.  30-ish miles from home.  Doc discovered a super secret spot in the State Forest on the ridge east of the park.  It’s a bit of a climb, but coasting down the hill in the morning is a good way to wake up.  There are hiker showers near the lake.
  4. A fully loaded S24O.  Front and rear panniers.  Bring way too much stuff.  Go slow.
  5. Credit card S24O.  Ride one of the road bikes to a B&B.
  6. Not strictly S24O, but do another micro-tour.  2012’s was a big, fat winner.

Ride with the girls more.  I think the Megan is big enough to do an overnight on the bike.  The important part is just having time together.  They jabber.  Don’t believe me?  Find a kid you like and go for a ride.  They will talk your ear off.  It’s a blast and we don’t do it enough.

I’m sure there’s more, but I have bikes on the brain and can’t bring myself to bore you anymore.  Here’s hoping your 2013 brings you less bad and more good than 2012.  Peace, love and go ride your bike.

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5 Responses to Wintersday

  1. I have a neighbor with incessant barking dogs also. It doesn’t bother me much, and I figure the neighbors won’t mind the little barking my dogs do. Do you have a dog? You need one.

    Having a GPS on your bicycle is a wonderful thing. I don’t have an Edge series (meaning, you know, meant for bikes) but my eTrex does the job. I’m still a fan of magnet on the wheel type computers too because they’re simple and the batteries last forever.

    Overnight trips by bike are awesome. I need to do more of them too. I’m a bit disappointed I bailed on the most recently planned one. Maybe next month.

    Merry Christmas! The year is not yet over. Get a few more miles in. 🙂

    • the sloth says:

      I have a couple magnet-on-the-wheel computers, but don’t really like any of them. The Cateye Velo-8 isn’t bad, and it can be programmed with specific tire and wheel measurements, which makes it very accurate. However, once it’s programmed, specific parameters can’t be changed without resetting the whole damn thing. I had thought at one point that I would get a few mounts for it, put them on all the bikes and then just move the computer around. But if I changed the tire size it would reset the odometer. How dumb is that? The Garmin solves this problem entirely.

  2. Bone says:

    You need a Unicycle. I want to see the unicycle s24o

  3. doc says:

    Sounds like a good plan. I’m up for the micro-tour, and maybe something a little longer. We’ve pretty much figured out how to do it. Definitely up for the S24Os, and for bikepacking I like your idea about going further into Michaux on some of the logging roads – I just need the bike for it.