Sometimes I’m Dr. Jekyll…

…and sometimes I’m Mr. Hyde.

All hail the Bio-Pacer.

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2 Responses to Sometimes I’m Dr. Jekyll…

  1. Plastic-pedaled Pacer path racer! Perfection!

    (Please tell me you used those chainrings just for the “Bio-Pacer” gag. Because I know I would have.)

    • the sloth says:

      The rings are original to the cranks. The ancient 105 FD won’t shift the chain onto the 28, so it’s a 44/48 up front. I have a regular road crank on the way, so the “bio” part is not long for this world.

      The rest of the bike, if you’re bored stiff. Wald North Road bars, a VO stem, Shimano Alivio brake levers, RX100 (shifters, RD, calipers), 600 hubs laced to Performance rims, SRAM 12-26, KMC chain, CST Compressor 25mm tires, Ritchey grips, a generic seat post, and a WTB “Test Ride” saddle. The whole thing was intended to be a bit of a gag, but it’s surprisingly comfy. I may just keep it the way it is.