Crunchpoundhash 30 Days of Biking

April is #30daysofbiking.  That means ride a bike every day.  Even if it’s just around the block or down the hall.  Get on your bike, their bike, a bike and ride it, at least a little, every day in April.  This is my second April participating.  It’s kinda fun.  You should try it.  Even if it’s too late for the official thing, you can still get in 30 straight days of riding.

I’ve been tracking my rides with Daily Mile.  You can go have a look at what I’ve done.

On a side note, the rules.  I have some slight additions and modifications to the rules.

  • First, if you can help it, don’t be a roadie.  However, if dressing up just like Lance, showing off your junk in your lycra shorts and riding a carbonplasticwunderbike are the things that make you want to ride, well, it’s better than not riding.
  • Rules 4 and 5 are, without question, spot on.
  • Rule #29.  A tool roll is acceptable.  In fact, it’s dumb to carry tools in your jersey.  Have a tube, patch kit, tire levers and a small set of wrenches or a multi-tool for every bike.  Leave them on the bike all the time.  Attach the roll to your saddle with a toe strap.
  • Rule #30.  No pump peg shall be left unadorned.  The full sized frame pump, the one that fits between two pump pegs, or between that little nub on the head tube and the joint between the top and seat tubes, is the one pump to rule them all.  If your bike has pump pegs, you shall acquire a frame pump.  If this is unacceptable to you, get a different bike.
  • Rule #31 should be revoked.  See the modification to rule #29.  There are no exceptions for Lezyne man-purses.
  • Rule #39 should be revoked.  Go try to find a photo of Eddy with glasses.  Try.  Go ahead.  We’ll wait.  If he didn’t need them, if his peers didn’t need them, you don’t need them.  The I’m-a-douche eyewear fad started by Lemond should have died when he retired.
  • Finally, the frame material pecking order, from highest to the lowliest of the low.  Steel, titanium, aluminum, plastic.  One could possibly argue that aluminum ranks higher than titanium at certain price points.

The refendering of the rSogn is still on deck.  Stay tuned.

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