Coffee and Fenders

I met up with Johnny Trashbike this morning at the local Starbucks. We traded bike bits for coffee. He’s got some work ahead of him mounting said bits on his Nishiki. I’m working on a caffeine high from some freshly ground beans. Maybe he’ll post a photo or two when he’s done. I’m not shaking enough yet. Gotta get back to the coffee.

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5 Responses to Coffee and Fenders

  1. Bone says:

    Your linky no worky.

  2. the sloth says:

    I see that. The last feed update from him was the 4th, so that’s recent. It’s the correct URL, though. Maybe he’ll be back online soon.

  3. Uh, wait a minute… there’s somebody out there who trades good coffee for used bike parts? And why don’t I know this person? Because I have enough fine artisanal cycling junque to keep my buzz on for YEARS…

  4. johnnytrashbike says:

    i have to pay for my domain name. i’ll be back soon. sorry.
    jason- whatcha got? i’m gonna be ‘johnnycoffeepimp’.

  5. ben says:

    Hmm, shaking hands while handling bike parts, or riding a bike….hmm….i’ll pass.