New Year’s Resolutions – 2011

It’s about time for me to discuss all the crap I’m going to half-ass and then quit over the next 12 months.  Let’s start with the easy stuff.

My first resolution is the same as everyone else’s.  Be 20 years old and have six-pack abs.  Well.  Lose weight and get more exercise.  That’s fairly broad, so I’ll narrow it down a bit.  His Boniusness laid out a pretty good plan.  Every week I should lose a pound and cycle at least 35 miles.  This is manageable and practical.  I’m too embarrassed to tell you what I weigh right now but I’ve already lost my first pound by eating mostly fat and leaves.  However, 5 days into 2011 and I haven’t thrown a leg over a bike.  Looks like I need to go for a ride or 4.

Complete the GOTCHA Mega-multi Challenge.  This one’s in the bag, folks.  The Engineer and I are more than half-way there.

Go bike camping more.  I went once each year in 2008 and 2009.  Last year was better – at least thrice.  2011 should host at least 6 S24O events.

Add at least 6 passes to my Pass Hunting score.

Meet some other bike bloggers in person.  This could happen.  Train ride to Bahst’n, anyone?

I’d like to learn how to do something new.  Not a hobby, but a skill.  This should be something I’ve never done before, but not something that takes all my time and energy.  I don’t have clue what this might be, but when I figure it out you’ll be the second to know.

Ride a century.  Now we’re getting ambitious.  Let’s start by defining “century” – ride at least 100 miles within a 24 hour period.  I have no desire to ride an organized century, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Go on an epic ride.  Cyclists like to use the word “epic” a lot.  To me an “epic” ride should be worthy of the written word.  While we can plan a gazillion miles over rough terrain, it’s not epic unless there are unplanned events along the way.  In other words, an epic adventure can’t be scripted.  We can play only a small part and then some other shit just happens.  We’ll see if it’s the kind of shit that makes an epic.

Peace, love and go ride a bike.  Happy 2011 everybody!

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6 Responses to New Year’s Resolutions – 2011

  1. Apertome says:

    Great goals! As you know, I’ve come to enjoy century rides. Starting out with an organized one might be the easiest way into it, but I understand wanting to do your own thing. I look forward to seeing what you do.

    Interesting comments on “epic” rides, and I absolutely agree. There really has to be an element of beyond-your-control-ness, some kind of unpredictability, for a ride to be truly epic. However, planning a gazillion miles over rough terrain, in questionable conditions, is a pretty good way to ensure that something unscripted will happen along the way.

    Interestingly enough, I think that given the experiential, rather than quantitative, definition of “epic,” I’d say that only a small percentage of my rides are truly epic, and they aren’t always the longest ones either. They usually do happen in rain, snow, ice, or other generally shitty conditions, or riding a bike way out of its element, or something equally boneheaded.

  2. christine says:

    Hey there… stopping in after seing your latest post on the pdml… looking around, it appears that we travel in similar circles…. For example:
    A) I’m down with epic rides:
    B) I’m familiar with the flip-flop:
    c) I’ve got “breeder” needs covered:
    D) We’re at the end of the line, if you are headed up to Bahst’n
    and, E) a box from Tree Fort bikes showed up here the other day…
    Too many similarities to let pass… Happy New Year! 🙂

    • the sloth says:

      Hey, Christine! Thanks for stopping by. I do like that Santana of yours. Concerning “crap management”, we moved two weeks ago. It was a short move, only 4 miles, but we still had to take everything with us. As a result of my own crap mismanagement over the last few years, I started using the term “crap density” on a regular basis. Details to follow…

  3. John Speare says:

    A bit late to this one, but maybe you can nail 4 of your goals by visiting Spokane this summer and 1)meeting a couple other bloggers (Pat -26″ slicks, and with a bit more planning we could get Alex over for a CDA jaunt), 2)doing an overnighter, 3)completing a century (maybe metric), and maybe, if we’re lucky 4)get an epic adventure in. I think we could do that in a long weekend in July or August.

    • the sloth says:

      Hey, John. I used to read your blog religiously, but I apparently lost you a while back. Probably when moved from using a local feed reader to Google’s. You’re back on the list now!

      A trip to Spokane sounds awesome. I’d love to meet you and Pat and Alex (I do read their blogs!) My wife, however, probably thinks otherwise. This summer’s adventure involves dropping the kids off at Nana and Grampa’s for a week and rambling around the dirt roads of NE Arkansas. Maybe next year.