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Dirt Drop Dead Pricey

I drive finish nails with a sledge hammer.  How so?  I’ll explain. Not too terribly long ago I stumbled across a 58cm Bridgestone MB-2 from way back in 1987.  1987 was when the Internet consisted mainly of real content, unlike … Continue reading

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Soma’s Lauterwasser

Soma announced their new Lauterwasser handlebar today.  It is apparently the revival of a handlebar popular quite a long time ago, like those on this Silver Record illustrated in Raleigh’s 1939 catalog.  A very nice Lauterwasser equipped Humber Sports can … Continue reading

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What’s a BSO? BSO is short for Bicycle Shaped Object. It’s a pejorative term for the cheap, barely functional crap sold at department stores. They generally have things like wheels and tires, brakes and brake levers, shifters and derailers, but … Continue reading

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