The flip-flop games

Grass track racing is a subset of track cycling. The events often mirror races held in velodromes, but are conducted on a flat, grassy field, and the bicycles are fitted with suitable tires. Fixed gear (fixed wheel, for the Redcoats), no brakes. Grass track racing is popular in Great Britain, and at Highland games elsewhere.

BCW Grass Track DSC_0764

Bicycle speedway is another type of oval track racing a bit more common in the UK than on my side of the Atlantic. Start with a small, oval dirt track and add brakeless single-speed bikes with upright handlebars. Stir in some people crazy enough to ride them. Have “heats”.

Cycle Speedway - Heckmondwike

The flip-flop hub is a type of single-speed bicycle hub that is threaded on both sides. This allows for a freewheel or a fixed cog on either side. When one wants to change gears, one needs to dismount, remove the rear wheel and flip it over.


I propose the “Flip-flop Games”. We need a grassy field, a small oval dirt track (preferably next to the grassy field), bicycles with flip-flop hubs and a bunch of crazies to ride them. Racers show up with one bike, one set of wheels, one pair of tires (tyres for the Limeys), two handlebars and a belly full of booze. Er. Scratch the booze. At least until after the races.  The races would be stages.  Points would be awarded. The winners would go home with big trophies and loose women.  Or maybe they’d go home with the beer that everyone else didn’t drink, which is probably more likely than medals and hookers.  So it ain’t the Tour day Frantz.

I had a few thoughts concerning the rules.  Standard grass track and cycle speedway rules would be followed as closely as possible.  The participants can bring one bicycle, equipped with a flip-flop rear hub that has a fixed cog on one side and a freewheel on the other.  The handlebar, stem, seat post and pedals may be changed or adjusted between events, but other parts may only be replaced with identical parts for repair purposes.  Magical foam hats and/or real protective gear may be worn, or not, based on the rider’s discretion.  Brakes must be removed prior to the start of the first event.

Also, there could be a single-speed cyclocross or criterium as the first stage. Brakes to be removed between then and the first track event.

I’m stoked.  Who’s in?

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4 Responses to The flip-flop games

  1. Apertome says:

    Too many rules! Just ride …

  2. cog says:

    sorry, I fainted when I read “fixed cog.”

  3. admin says:

    Wouldn’t want anyone messing with your gear…

  4. kfg says:

    Throw in a time trial and I’m so there I’ve already got the bike and just lookin’ for the place to use it.