Navigating the old blog

Big fat update! Everything is here now! There are a couple of glitches, but nothing too serious. The most noticeable one is that some of the posts from the old blog show up as having no comments, but the comments are still there. It’s not a deal killer and it doesn’t affect new entries. Regardless, if you had bookmarked a particular page, that link should now translate over to the new installation. Thanks for your patience.

Ignore everything below this line.

If you landed here after following an old link to the old blog, you can still get to what you want to see. The old blog is at, while the new blog is at See the difference?  If you wanted to see my recent entry about the Bell Bicycle bell, you might have used this link, which would have landed you here. All you need to do is change fivetoedsloth to fts.  So the link becomes, which will take you right where you want to be.

This is a stop gap measure. I hope to get the whole thing integrated with the new blog in short order. Thanks for your patience. Both of you.

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  1. Geoff says:

    There’s someone else in here?!