I’m a Breeder!

I’m really not sure, after these last few years, how I missed the Bike Hacks blog.  From their Dictionary of Bike Commuter Slang:

Breeder: This is the rider who is transporting more than one small human. This person is dedicated to raising a family and is not going to let breeding stand in the way of an established bike lifestyle. The combination of gear can be different, but there is one rider in charge of him/herself and two other people. Having just one kid in my eyes does not make you a true breeder, it’s when you add a second that the “breeder” moniker enters my vocabulary. The most common one I see is the “Trail-a-bike” being towed behind along with a child seat on the back of his bike. It’s also funny to see this rider after dropping off the kids and towing an empty bike along.”

Here’s our rig.

The girls are bigger, and the trailer’s bigger, and the bike’s set up a bit differently, but we’re still on the bike train.

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One Response to I’m a Breeder!

  1. Christie says:

    They’re so little 🙂