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The flip-flop games

Grass track racing is a subset of track cycling. The events often mirror races held in velodromes, but are conducted on a flat, grassy field, and the bicycles are fitted with suitable tires. Fixed gear (fixed wheel, for the Redcoats), … Continue reading

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Navigating the old blog

Big fat update! Everything is here now! There are a couple of glitches, but nothing too serious. The most noticeable one is that some of the posts from the old blog show up as having no comments, but the comments … Continue reading

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The old blog is here, for the most part.  Exporting the old blog has become difficult.  There is apparently an error in the syntax of some mysql mumbojumbo at post number 60, which doesn’t exist.  So it truncates the WXR … Continue reading

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Well, poop.

Looks like I botched a WordPress upgrade. Starting with a clean install. Will (hopefully) import the old stuff today.

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I’m a Breeder!

I’m really not sure, after these last few years, how I missed the Bike Hacks blog.  From their Dictionary of Bike Commuter Slang: “Breeder: This is the rider who is transporting more than one small human. This person is dedicated … Continue reading

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