Funky Flexy Frenchy

O hai.

A while back I purchased an old Peugeot from a friend.  He had found it at the the local Salvation Army store for $25 or so, but it was just a bit big for him.  So now I have it.

The first thing I did was scrap the old 27″ steel rims, stem shifters, suicide brakes, narrow drop bars, the swaged cranks and the mostly plastic front derailer.  (Yeah, I’m gonna spell it “derailer”, even on a French bike.)  Then I bought a $35 700c rear wheel with a freewheel hub.  Add to that some parts from the stash – Wald North Road bars, 700c front wheel, mtb brake levers, clamp-on down tube shifters, a NOS cheapie triple crank with matching derailer, new cables and chains, a slightly longer rear brake and some fat white-walls.  The bike already had a sidewall generator and lights, but the front was shot.  So I replaced that, too, from the stash.  The factory fenders (remember when bikes used to have those?) and rack are still in pretty good shape.

From Peugeot PH8

We hooked the whole damn thing up to the bike train this morning for a test ride to pre-school.  Peugeot -> Trail-a-Bike -> Wike.  Compared to previous bike train locomotives, this one is flexy.  Like riding a noodle.  The brakes are fine, so long as I don’t need to stop.  There’s also a squeak that’s only present when I’m riding it, so it’s been impossible to troubleshoot.  I don’t think the French had me in mind when they built this one.

I think I’ll keep her.  But maybe she’ll get a Giant Delivery Basket and become the grocery bike.

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One Response to Funky Flexy Frenchy

  1. Apertome says:

    She’s a beaut! Lovely, fun bike. I dig it. It looks particularly good with the tan or white sidewalls (hard to tell which). Nice work!