Ride report: Gifford Pinchot S24O

Last month we planned the Gifford Pinchot S24O.  Yesterday we started it.  Today we finished it in just under 24 hours.

The Engineer, Bone and I set out from New Cumberland on a ride that can be described quite accurately with two words, one of which I’m not allowed to say in front of the children.  So we’ll narrow it down to the other one:  brutal.  There are hills between here and there.  Most of those hills are “short and sweet”.  I was beginning to think we were really on a hiking trip and only using the bikes to carry our crap.   But we made it, and no one puked.

Doc was waiting along the road just before the park and rode the last 1/2 mile or so with us to the camp site.  We made camp and made dinner and MissBreeGoLightly joined us via pick-up truck for a rousing bit of Scotch and peanuts.

From Gifforf Pinchot S24O
From Gifforf Pinchot S24O

The temperature dropped quickly once the sun went down and I learned that my new 40F sleeping bag is really only a 40F sleeping bag if I wear warm socks.  Other than that, the kit performed as well as I expected and I almost got a few hours of sleep.

Morning was gorgeous and I snapped this photo of the trucker just as the sun was topping the trees across the lake.

From Gifforf Pinchot S24O

We all tried to warm up a bit with coffee and granola and oatmeal and grits (grits!) and Spam and eggs and Spam and Spam.  Then we broke camp and said goodbye to Doc.

From Gifforf Pinchot S24O
From Gifforf Pinchot S24O

Shortly after mounting up I remembered that I had forgotten to bring any ointment.  Yowser!  We rolled toward home and today’s ride seemed a little easier, almost as if the road decided to cut us a little break.

From Gifforf Pinchot S24O
From Gifforf Pinchot S24O

To celebrate our triumphant return, the Engineer, Bone and I went out for burritos.

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5 Responses to Ride report: Gifford Pinchot S24O

  1. Mom says:


  2. doc says:

    Sheesh. You complained the whole time about your camera phone and then you put up these great shots…I love the highway pic.
    I meant to tell you, the matching green water bottles on the green frame really set your bike off. She looks sweet!

  3. Apertome says:

    Looks like a great time! What a beautiful campsite … wish I could’ve been there. Thanks for the report.

  4. the Sloth says:

    Thanks, Doc. I guess the photos are fine for blog posting, but I wouldn’t want to print them.

    Mike, you’ll have to come along next time. We’ll give you a two week head start. 😉

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