Getting off my ass

It seems that lately I’ve had this thing I don’t usually have.  It feels kinda weird.  Not a latest-designer-STD weird, but almost a good kinda weird.  They call it motivation.  I hate that word.

A few weeks back I started the C25K running program.  The short version goes like this: go for a walk/run 3 times a week for 9 weeks.  By the end there’s more run than walk and 5k should be doable.  I’m on week 4.  It should be week 5, but I slacked off on week 3.  Then I got that motivation bug.

Last night was the first time in a couple weeks that the Trucker’s been ridden.  We rolled out 10.5 miles of moderate hills with the new lights (which are bright!).  7th Street fell to the king.  Walnut Street was no match for my 20″ low gear.  The kids making out at the top were stunned by the brightness that is a Lumotec IQ Fly N Plus.  The light at the bottom of 12th turned green as if to say, “Thou art truly worthy.”

Then I started week 4 of C25k.  Woo!  I don’t even feel like a truck hit me.  That’s surprising. Week 4 is significantly harder than week 3.  I really expected to be inflexible this morning, especially after both a bike ride and run.

On the bad news front, the rear hub on the Blue Beast is wobbly.  I’m hoping it just needs some adjusting, but I’ve probably cracked the axle.  Of course, this happens right after I switched the Trail-a-Bike hitch over from the Trucker.  (If you’ve ever tried to uninstall/re-install a Trail-a-Bike hitch, you know why that’s a problem, and you can feel free to send me condolence cards.)  UPDATE: The rear hub is shot.  The axle is bent and one of the cone nuts just won’t budge.  I found an old MTB wheel with freewheel in the parts pile, and that’s good enough for the time being.

That’s all for now.  The Megan and I have to go get the Molly.  One last ride on the Beast before I tear into that hub.  I hope we don’t have to walk home.

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