2010 Goals

Resolutions suck.  I never follow through.  So this year I’m setting some goals for myself instead.  These will all be closer to reasonable than impossible, and are guidelines for living better and doing more of the things I like.  I don’t expect to stick with all of this all the time.

Bike stuff first.

  1. 2400 miles.  That’s 200 miles per month, or 46 and change per week.  I’ve done this before and it shouldn’t be a problem to do it again.  Seriously, I ride 9 miles per week just getting the Molly to pre-school and back.  That leaves 37 per week to go.  Throw in a couple trips to the grocery store and a bike club D ride or two and it’s done.  This is a reasonable goal.
  2. Bike 180.  This started as a Flickr group last year whose members had a goal to ride 180 days during the year.  While I don’t really care about the Flickr group, the concept is kinda cool and goes well with the mileage goal.  In fact, they’re probably mutually inclusive.
  3. The 2 Mile Challenge.  I did this, more or less, during 2008 but really slacked off last year.  You can click the linky-link and read all about it.  The short version goes like this.  Get a map.  Draw a circle with a 2 mile radius around your house.  Don’t drive your car to any of these places.  Ride your bike or walk.  Andy over at Carbon Trace emphasizes the 1-Mile Solution.  It’s the same basic concept, but the circle is smaller and it only replaces one car trip per week.  Either of these is good and, IMHO, deciding where you need to get to on a regular basis and how much of it you’re willing to get to without a car is a step in the right direction.  If it’s within a couple miles there’s not a significant increase in time, it costs less than driving the car and it causes exercise to happen.  Those tree hugging hippies also tend to think that it saves the planet or some such.  These are all good things and, most of all, this is a reasonable goal.  I’m not going to lie to myself or you and claim that I’ll never drive the car to anything within 2 miles of my house, because I will.  As of right now I have no way to transport an extra large Hawaiian pizza from Villa Roma on my bike.
  4. Go bike camping more.  I went twice last year and once the year before.  There’s no reason I can’t throw in 2 or 3 S24O trips during the non-Winter months.
  5. Organize a themed ride.  I’ve been wanting to do this since I first read about the Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour and l’Eroica.  Perhaps a Roadster Ride or a Steel Rim Ride.  With tweed and a brew up.  Bring your pipe and smoke it.

Weight loss.  I’m fat.  I like to eat.  I like to feel full.  I have no will power.  (Yeah, sure.  I quit smoking “cold turkey”, but I can’t quit eating.  Eating is not an all-or-nothing undertaking and I’m simply not going to subsist on protein shakes.)  My initial thoughts a couple years ago were to continue eating as I always have but burn more calories.  This, in theory, is not a bad plan.  Unfortunately, when I burn more calories I desire more fuel.  Fuck.  One year ago I weighed 247 pounds.  That’s a lot and it’s the most I’ve ever weighed, before or since.  I managed to shave off 20 pounds and then put half of that back on.  237 is better than 247, but it’s still too damn much.  20 pounds is a reasonable goal, and if I stick to the bike stuff up above it’s shouldn’t be hard to do at all.

Surroundings.  I have a bunch of stuff.  Much of it is in boxes in the basement.  It might not be a bad idea to get rid of something every time I bring something new into the house.  More or less.  The trash guys are going to hate me.  I also need to build some shelves and declutter the rest of the house.  This is my least favorite goal but it needs doing.


  1. Shoot more.  I barely shot anything at all last year.  The MX is begging for just a couple more rolls.
  2. Build a portfolio.  Or maybe assemble a gallery show, even if I don’t have anywhere to show it.  Something like that.
  3. Print! Print! Print!

I have a few more goals that involve family and friends and spending less time on Facebook, but they’re not something I can quantify, so I’m not going to write about them here.

Happy new year!   Where’s the pie?

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