Dura-Ace! Dura-Ace!

Hold on a sec while I clear out the cob webs.

Tonight’s fun involved Dura-Ace hubs laced to beautiful Mavic MA-40 rims.  Seriously, who wouldn’t want that?  Probably most folks once they learn they’re dealing with Uniglide.  For the uninitiated, Uniglide is Shimano’s pre-Hyperglide cog technology.  It was coolio in the 80s, but it’s incompatible with pretty much everything these days.  Or, rather, everything these days is incompatible with Uniglide.  And that’s where the fun starts.

I got these wheels a couple years ago before I knew the difference, but I figured it out real quick.  The rear wheel went on a hook and the front wheel ended up on Christie’s little green mixte.   Once I found a new front wheel for the mixte I started thinking about my Dura-Ace “wheel set” again, and St. Sheldon had the answer – grind off part of the wide spline on each cog of a Hyperglide cassette.  For those of you who are still reading and who don’t have a clue what I’m rambling on about, this picture right here should help clear things up.  I have in my possession two old Hyperglide cassettes, an “i” and an “ac”, plus the first two Uniglide cogs, a 13 and 14.  And that, folks, is the makings of one weird block.  I also have a NOS hub body and the tool to extract the old one.

Following much grinding, cursing, grinding, filing, fitting, unscrewing, cursing, wrench-to-head whacking and general mechanical agitation the Dura-Ace rear wheel is fully functional with a 13-14-15-18-21-24-28 cassette.  I also managed to scrounge a NOS 600 Ultegra rear derailer.  This drive train is going on the Nishiki International, with a Symmetric down tube shifter, just for shits and giggles.  There will be more about the Nishiki.  I promise.

In other news, I’m almost done removing the paint from the braking surface on the Trucker’s front wheel.  Ugh.

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