The collection

Last time I mentioned that Christie’s Grandmother had given us a typewriter.  It’s an 70s era Olympiette 3 portable.  I haven’t taken any photos of it yet, but this one on Flickr is identical.  The few pages I’ve managed to bang out on it have taught me just how little strength is required for a PC keyboard, and the crack of the type bars against the paper and platen is wonderfully alarming.  But it needs a little attention.  A CLA, for you camera folks.  Should I do it myself?  Should I send it out?  And what do I type on while it’s out of service?

Good question.

Yesterday, I bought a Remington Rand Letter-Riter from a local woman.  Found it on Craigslist.  It needs a little work, too, but either is useable until one of them is cleaned.  Christie says my collection is complete.  Actually, she said some words that aren’t PG, so I won’t repeat them here.  Fair enough.  Besides, how could I possibly need more than one typewriter?

Bree has one that types in italics.  An old Underwood No. 5 would be relatively inexpensive and it has those nifty round keys with the chrome rings.  A noiseless for train travel.  And I saw one with a math keyboard.  Can’t live without that.  I hope Christie doesn’t read this.

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  1. Nichole Mathis says:

    Are we going to see you on an episode of Hoarders? If it weren’t for my husband, I’d be shoveling my way to the front door of my house….from the bedroom, mind you, not the sidewalk.

  2. the Sloth says:

    Oh, no, not me.

    There are no fewer than 5 functional film cameras in the room I’m in now. There are several more throughout the house. Throw in a few broken pieces, tripods, accessories, bricks of film, development chemicals…and, well, you’ll get the picture.

    There are four ridable bicycles here at the moment. For me. At least two more in various stages of completion. A tricycle, a child’s bike, a trail-a-bike, a trailer, Christie’s Mixte, the carcass of a cheap MTB and the super cool English 3-speed for my Mother-in-law, all rolling around in the basement. I have boxes of parts that probably, in total, weigh more than me.

    There are only 3 firearms, though.

    2 typewriters.

    1 canoe.