Sunday morning ramblings

Rolled out at 6:45 or so on the Collegiate and ambled over to the island for the Sunday morning bike club ride.  The pot hole parade explored a bit of Harrisburg and I got to trade bikes with Bill for a little while and try out his very snazzy Traveler’s Check.  14 miles plus the 10 I did last night.  Slow and easy.  I don’t like being out of breath.

The Spotmatic got a workout this morning.  I exposed a few frames on the island before the ride started.  It figures that the kitchen needs to be cleaned before any film gets developed.  The light meter is acting kinda wonky, so it may take a trip to Tennessee for a CLA while I use the K1000 for my little project.

I’ll be 34 next month.  I guess I’m officially into my mid-30s.  Whoever decided to notate time needs an ass whoopin.

Flickr has quite a few groups dedicated to manual cameras and film photography. This one has the best group name.

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