In the bag

Grant Petersen over at Rivendell Bicycle Works has a lot to say.  If you’ve never heard of GP or Rivendell or the iBOB mail list you’d do yourself a great disservice to continue on in ignorance.  I don’t always agree with everything the big man says, and neither should anyone else for that matter, but he’s been around the cycling industry for a long time and his words carry some weight.  He’s worth listening to, in my opinion, even if you don’t like what he has to say.

That said, I’ve been mulling the idea of responding to some of GP’s writings here on the blog.  I’m not out to agree or disagree, or to start flame wars or get under anyone’s skin.  Just to compare and contrast and maybe learn a little. There’s a new “GP” tag for this post and I’ll use it in the future when it’s called for.

“In the bag”, the title of this little entry, is a reference to the article about bag contents in issue 41 of the Rivendell Reader.  Page 40 is where it all begins.  Those guys carry some interesting stuff, from the normal tube and multi-tool to rubber gloves and what appears to be one of those little sacks that hold tent stakes.  Here’s mine:

Spiraling Clockwise from the top left.  Yellow tire levers.  A tube still in the box.  Notepad with pencil from the last club ride where they decided I should lead so I wrote down everyone’s name just in case I led them over a cliff and someone needed to identify the bodies.  Park multi-tool (with it’s own tire levers).  Two spoke wrenches (I doubt either fits).  A sliced-apart Hannah Montana free download card next to the carabiner it was attached to when I found it on the road.  Super glue (still sticky, as I so gracefully found out).  A Brooks saddle spanner (the saddle is on a different bike).  A little baggy with random odd nuts and bolts and a brake cable.  A Clif Bar wrapper.  And a patch kit.

Holy batflaps!  Ironically, the bike these were on has a solid rear axle, but I haven’t been carrying around the wrench that will actually let me drop the wheel if I get a flat.  Go figure.   My little Nashbar front rack bag has become my bicycle’s glove box.  Going back in are the multi-tool, tube, patch kit, tire levers, spoke wrench (if one of them fits) and a 15mm box end for the rear wheel.

What’s the moral of this story, you ask?  That Scott is a pack rat, that’s what.  De-cluttering now.

Now I just have to figure out which Hanna Montana song I want.

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