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Who’s your Daddy?

Today I rode up 9th and Allen to the top of the hill where it intersects with 7th.  But today’s death ride was accompanied by Molly, who is three, and the trailer she rides in.  That’s right, folks.  I pulled … Continue reading

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Rausch Gap this weekend

Here’s the deal.  If anyone at all says something like “yeah, man, I’ll try to make it”, then I’ll be there.  Say noon-ish on Saturday, April 25th.  Return about the same time Sunday.  I’ll probably crash in the AT shelter … Continue reading

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Twitterer 2.0

Let’s try this again.

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So a couple weeks ago I sold my soul to the devil 2.0 and got a Twitter account.  Twitter Tools is now set to post a tweet whenever I publish something on the blog.

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I almost forgot…

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

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Return to Rausch Gap

The last time was supposed to be an S24O, but it ended up being an out and back day ride that left at least two of us sore for a couple days after.  This time it’s a pass hunt. The … Continue reading

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Sidewalk cycling and media nincompoopery

There’s a slack-jawed drooler named Zack Colman over at the State News who apparently gets paid to write idiotic crap.  Thanks to Andy at Carbon Trace for the heads-up.

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Breakfast in bed

Chuck and Rose gave her a cook book for her 6th birthday.  The book is written for children assisted by parents.  We try to cook something from it once a week or so, but simple recipes are really meant for … Continue reading

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When I quit smoking my greatest fear was not being able to control the addiction around other smokers.  Recovering alcoholics, at least for a while, probably avoid places with booze.  Like bars.  We’re allowed, for now, to smoke in more … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wander Ride

The Harrisburg Bicycle Club has a Wednesday night ride every week from April through October.  These rides are slow and relatively short.  10mph or so for about an hour.  I show up a couple times a month and often ride … Continue reading

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