Enablement and tripification

The Long Haul Trucker is on Layaway.  The Pedal Pusher had a green ’08 in my size, so I got that one.  For those of you shopping for a complete LHT, the 2008 models have Sugino cranks and decent handlebars.  Surly cheaped out on the 2009 bikes with Andel cranks and off-brand bars.  They did, however, seriously upgrade the saddle for 2009 to a WTB SST.  Woohoo!  As it were, the 2008 comes with a test-ride-only saddle.  Only 3.2 gajillion dollars to go before I can bring it home.  I’ll start shopping for pedals tomorrow.

His Holy Blasphemousness hooked me up with some snazzy studded Nokians.  They’re too wide to fit with the dynamo installed, so I guess I gotta dig out the Cygolite.  Mebbe I’ll put the dynamo on the Trucker.  Now I just need some damn snow.

For those of you in the Harrisburg, York, or other nearby areas (read: Alabama) I’d like to take a bike trip to DC and play some one-on-one with the new prez.  I think you can just go up to the front door and knock.  Spring time sounds good.  We can meet in York, take the York County Heritage and North Central rail trails to Ashland, MD, and then hop the light rail to BWI.  From there we should be able to take mostly trails and bike routes into DC.  Spend the night at the Blair House.  Ride back the next day.  Who’s in?

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0 Responses to Enablement and tripification

  1. Bone says:

    That sounds like a fun trip. Pencil me in.

  2. doc says:

    I like the green ‘truckers, both ’06 and ’08. It should be a pretty bike.

    What size are these Nokians that they push out the dynamo? I could have used some this morning; ice everywhere.

  3. the Sloth says:

    Nokians are 1.75. The Bontrager Inverts are 1.5 and only allow about 1/8″ clearance between the sidewall and dynamo. I suppose I could bend the bracket a bit.

    Who’s up for making the DC trip a fixed gear tour? Bone, you really need a fixie.

  4. Bone says:

    160 miles on a fixie? I’ll have enough troubles with my gears.

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