Training errata

So in Tuesday’s post I claimed to be repeating my mileage Tuesday night.  I can’t read.  Here’s the deal – Monday, Wednesday and Friday are all the same mileage after the first week.  Friday is supposed to be a fast ride.  Saturdays are long rides.  Sundays are longer than weeknight rides, but shorter than Saturday rides.  Tuesdays are optional, Thursdays are “off”.  Got in 3.5 miscellaneous miles yesterday.  7 miles tonight.  Friday is supposed to be 9 miles, but we’re going out of town, so I’ll do them Thursday.  We’ll bring the bike along for the weekend so I can get in my rides in an exotic locale.

If anyone can make sense of what I just said, please let me know, because I’m hella confused.

Tuesday misc miles:  3.5
October training miles:  6
October total miles:  9.5  (starting the 13th)

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0 Responses to Training errata

  1. doc says:

    It sounds like a periodization model, whereby you vary intensity and duration, interspersed with rest days. Fairly typical and well proven. As long as it continues to be fun and not a chore, go for it!

  2. Christie says:

    You’ve got me hella confused, too. I know, easy to do. And clue me in on this exotic weekend destination, would ya? 😉