You wanna know what I hate?  I’ll tell you anyway.  I hate it when there are two bags of bread and someone ties them both together with the same twisty.  It would be rude to point fingers, so I won’t.  But if you’re reading this Christie, I’m talking to you.  😛

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0 Responses to Bread

  1. heather says:

    my youngest sister used to do that.

    if i ever remember how i got her to stop i’ll let you know. fair warning though, what works with sisters may not work for others. 🙂

  2. christie says:

    You know what I hate? When I go to put the bread away and can’t find enough twist-ties for all the open packages. So there 😛

  3. Darrick says:

    Only a woman would tie two bags of bread together. 🙂