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You wanna know what I hate?  I’ll tell you anyway.  I hate it when there are two bags of bread and someone ties them both together with the same twisty.  It would be rude to point fingers, so I won’t.  … Continue reading

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Training errata

So in Tuesday’s post I claimed to be repeating my mileage Tuesday night.  I can’t read.  Here’s the deal – Monday, Wednesday and Friday are all the same mileage after the first week.  Friday is supposed to be a fast … Continue reading

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8 weeks of pure blech

Today I started an 8 week “beginners” training program for cycle touring.  Not that I’m going on a tour mid-December.  I’m just tired of being fat and out of breath.  6 miles today at about 12mph with some serious climbing.  … Continue reading

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Pine Creek Rail Trail

On October 4th, 2008, Bone, Christie and I travelled from Jersey Shore, PA to Wellsboro.  After unloading the bikes Christie drove back while Bone and I started our two day journey through the Pine Creek Gorge.  We spent most of … Continue reading

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